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About Alamo Driving School

“We love our Nervous Students”

Committed to the safety of its students and the general public, Alamo Driving School INC provides unparalleled training and educational programs to help novice drivers learn solid driving fundamentals and skills, all while helping them achieve high levels of self-confidence while on the road.

ABOUT Alamo Driving School INC

Alamo Driving School INC utilizes modern training equipment and advanced teaching systems to provide its students with the most supportive and beneficial learning environment possible. This process has been proven to help students achieve the recommended skill level for driving on our roads now as well as for the years to come.

WHY CHOOSE Alamo Driving School INC

We understand how intimidating learning to drive can be. Because of this, we strive to give our students a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, which helps them throughout the entire learning experience. Offering different curriculums for each desired level of driving, Alamo Driving School INC is able to address each student’s specific needs through various mediums of teaching, which include both classroom sessions and behind-the-wheel training. And through a combination these techniques, our students get the very best in driver training.

Alamo Driving School INC OFFERS:

  • Custom behind-the-wheel pickup/drop off locations, 7 days a week!
  • Brand New Nissan Versa & KIA student training cars
  • Safety Dual Car Cameras record video of all driving events, inside and outside the training cars
  • Easy to use scheduling so that you can manage your teen’s classroom and drive schedules online-anywhere, anytime
  • Training cars are equipped with instructor brake


Safety is not only our responsibility, but is our number one priority.Alamo Driving School INC Students will drive in one of our brand new Nissan Versa and KIA that earned a top rating for its protection of occupants in both frontal-offset and side-impact collisions. Our cars come with antilock (front disc, rear drum), brake assist, traction and stability control, front seat side airbags and side curtain airbags.

Safety Dual Car Cameras

Collisions can happen to anyone at anytime; even good drivers. New teen drivers lack experience, and as result are more likely to crash. All of our student training cars are equipped with Safety Dual Car Cameras that record video inside and outside the car and log the speed, time/date, and location of all driving events.


Our representatives are available to answer your questions anytime. You may contact us at via phone or email.
Office: 612-874-0697
Cell: 612-501-6958
Email: edu@alamodrivingschool.com